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Why a Shop?

I started my career as a NICU nurse in 2007, but after 8 years at the bedside and one rough introduction to motherhood and breastfeeding, I pivoted to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

In 2016, I realized I could serve moms and families in a more whole-istic way outside the hospital, so I created my private practice, Happy Mama Health Baby. I added postpartum doula training to my resume to deepen my understanding of how to serve my friends and clients during this season of life.

For the last few years, I've been dreaming about how to bring a deeper understanding of this journey to a wider range of women, and the idea of Nourished Beginnings was born.

I have three young children of my own and a deeply empathetic understanding of the tenderness of the postpartum period and early days of breastfeeding.

I've noticed that many, although obviously not all, breastfeeding challenges could be softened or avoided altogether with good prenatal education. This is my wish for you in co-creating a breastfeeding and postpartum course with my colleague Cortney.


Along the way, I've also seen a need for attainable ways to "mother the mother" with realistic and nourishing meal recipes, so I have created two digital cookbooks as well.

Nourished Beginnings Course

This virtual, self-led course was created by two IBCLCs for your prenatal education on all things breastfeeding and postpartum. This is breastfeeding prep like you've never seen it before! Five hours of video, visual, and audio content covering breastfeeding 101 and so much more.


Visit my teaching platform to learn more and to purchase the course.

Nourished Mother Bundle

Click HERE to purchase a digital download containing 5 of our favorite PDFs from within the breastfeeding course:


1. Prenatal Freezer Meal Plan (gluten and dairy free)

2. Postpartum Recipe e-Cookbook (gluten and dairy free)

3. Fruits + Roots Snack and Meal Planner

4. Nervous System Checklist 

5. Breastmilk Lotion Recipe

Nourished with Nuance

If your baby or loved one is struggling with food allergies, mealtime can be more daunting than usual. This e-cookbook contains recipes for 6 breakfasts, 19 lunches or dinners, 16 sides and snacks, 6 desserts, and 6 mineral-rich beverages, as well as a cheat sheet on hidden allergens and two weeks of meal plans.

All recipes are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, oats, rice, soy, legumes, peanuts, tree nuts, chicken, beef, shellfish, and sesame.

Purchase and download your digital copy HERE.

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