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Call or text (402) 740-2646 to schedule with me. I am happy to serve families via home visits in Washington County Nebraska or the Greater Omaha area (mileage fees may apply depending upon driving distances). I am also able to provide virtual consults for clients who live outside of these parameters!

Click the Insurance tab to submit your information to Lactation Network. You may qualify for 6 lactation visits at ZERO out-of-pocket cost to you.

All lactation services include an e-mailed plan of care and 2 weeks of follow-up support via text messages. If new issues arise, I will recommend a follow-up either virtually or in-person.


Prenatal Consult

$150  (60-90 minutes)

If you anticipate needing in-home lactation services after your baby is born due to pre-existing risk factors, or simply desire the comfort and convenience of learning in your own home, this introductory consult is for you. We will discuss your personal history, breastfeeding goals, and the basics of milk production, as well as positioning and latch, feeding the newborn in the first few days, pumping, and more. 

Follow-up Consult

$125  (30-60 minutes)

 Additional in-home assistance is sometimes required, depending on the complexity of the issue, or if a new problem arises.

Telehealth Consult

$120  (60-90 minutes)

IBCLC is an international certification, and telehealth allows me to serve clients anywhere in the world! If home visits are not possible or desired, I am excited to offer virtual lactation consults as an option.

Freezer Meal Shift

$100  (4 hours)

Food is my love language; is it any wonder I feed babies for a living? As a new mom myself, having a postpartum doula prepare some freezer meals for me was a game-changer and I'm happy to provide this service for others! I will give you a list of meal options and you'll select 5 (3 lunch/dinner options, 1 breakfast, and 1 snack). I provide you with the grocery list and when you're stocked up, I'll come to your house and spend 4 hours in your kitchen filling your fridge to nourish you while you nourish your baby!

Initial Consult

$150  (60-90 minutes)

During this visit, you can expect a thorough assessment of mom's health history, as well as an anatomy assessment of mom and baby, and an observation of a feeding session in your home environment. This includes an emailed plan of care and text support for the following two weeks.

Phone Consult

$45  (up to 30 minutes)

Phone consults are available for moms who have breastfed before and want some refreshers, or for moms who saw me in the newborn days but new problems arise as baby gets older.  This is also a great option for moms who are doing well, but would like to create a plan for going back to school/work while continuing to breastfeed.

Virtual Breastfeeding Education

$189  (5 hours, self-led)

This is a self-led virtual course on the Teachable platform that you will have lifetime access to. It's a comprehensive breastfeeding and postpartum course that goes much more in-depth than my in-person breastfeeding classes. The course walks you from the hormones involved in initial milk production all the way through weaning and also covers postpartum care, postpartum nourishment, and includes freezer meal guides and recipes. Click on the SHOP tab to learn more.

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